Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Summer Show Off #2"

Last week my Summer Show Off Picture was of my awesome family at the Golden Gate Bridge.  This weeks picture is from the same trip and is of my adorable little cousin.  They were kind enough to let us stay at their house and while we were hanging out one night I started snapping pictures. 

Miss Cutie Pie After
Miss Cutie Pie Before
Here are the steps that I took to edit this picture.  I first decided that I wanted a larger canvas  to fix the composition and I wanted to edit out the knee that was in the picture.  Once that was fixed I focused on the color by doing a levels adjustment and adjusting each layer individually.  Next I added a sharpening layer.  I wanted to bring out her pretty eyes so I used the action bright eyes from coffeeshop actions. Finally I used the spot healing brush to remove some of the stray hair from Miss Cuite's face. I was very excited to see my photo last week got the most votes but was sad that I wasn't featured or a favorite.  Oh well... at least I'm learning.

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