Sunday, July 22, 2012

"P52-Movie Night"

Movie Night Fun
Movies and popcorn go together like peanut butter and jelly or like peas and carrots.  The kiddos love to make popcorn anytime we watch a movie at home.  Tonight the treat de jour was butter popcorn with white cheddar sprinkle on the top.  Other nights they love to make the caramel popcorn that you actually melt a huge slab of caramel on top of and then mix it all together.  KK and Itty Bitty were falling over laughing while trying to catch their popcorn in their mouths.  They are both really really good at this.  Most inportantly we all had a really really good time.  On the technical side I had a hard time with the inside light.  I turned on several lights in an attempt to raise my shutter speed enough to take the picture and somewhat freeze the action.  That still wasn't enough to get a well lit picture.  As a last resort I upped the ISO to around 2000.  Although there is a bit of noise in the photo I was able to capture a fun shot of my girls having a great time.


  1. That is a fun shot! And a good way to get in some practise on those hard shots. I don't mind the noise, it goes well with the mood in this photo!

  2. Capturing that moment in time - the fun they are having together - is what makes this shot such a memorable one. Great idea!

  3. Ooh, I love white cheddar popcorn... And this shot is awesome!