Friday, July 20, 2012

Hello Kitty Egg Cup for my Bento

Hello Kitty Tamago cup
School is almost upon us so I am ramping up my search for new and kawaii items for our bento packing.  While Itty Bitty and I were out shopping we found a Sanrio Shop at one of the malls.  Although it was small it was exciting to be there because the Sanrio that was in our local mall closed several years ago.  While looking through the kitchen items I spotted this gem hiding and forgotten.  There was Kitty waiting to find a new home, which she did.  I was looking at buying an egg cup online but was thrilled when I found this instead.  I  usually take an egg every other day and don't always have time to shape them.  This is *perfect.*  I am now looking for another bento box for my lunch but am limited to what I can find online.  Most of the people in my small town have never even heard of a bento box. In addition to my egg cup I have a set of Hiragana cutters that my lovely Motorcycle Man brought me back from Japan.  I am working hard to learn Japanese and to use my Hiragana cutters.

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