Friday, November 30, 2012

"Project MCP - First Signs of Christmas"

Choir of Quackers : )
     At our house Christmas is a big big deal, we have a tradition for everything.  One of the many is to gather all of our Aflac ducks in a row (pun intended), add in our new duck for this year and then find clever places to display our flock throughout the house.  These are the first decorations that get put up.  Each one of the kids has a favorite duck.  In the picture we have 9 duckies, I think my favorite is the Christmas Tree.
     This weekend we will get out all of the ornaments that are special to us, spread them on the floor and decorate our tree while we listen to Christmas music, and drink wassail or egg nog.  To go with our drinks we always lay out an assortment of decorated cookies, themed peeps, and chocolates.  We all LOVE this tradition.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


     Food, Food, Food... We had so much food for Thanksgiving! Turkey, Ham, 2 stuffings, Corn SoufflĂ©, Mashed Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potato SoufflĂ©, Green Bean Casserole, Apple Pie, 2 Pumpkin Pies, and finally a Chocolate pie.  Holy Cow!  I took a few pictures but we were all really busy eating.  I did take a picture of my beautiful Apple Pie after it came out of the oven all crispy and sweet smelling with my pie bird poking out of the top.
     We were all excited that my sister who is a Marine was able to come as well as my parents.  After dinner we watched the Cowboys get beat by the Redskins which did not make my sister happy.
I LOVED Candy Rush!  It's like Mario Cart meets Candy Land!
     In addition to Thanksgiving Day we have all had the week off from school, which we needed!  On Tuesday we went and saw Wreck It Ralph, ate Sushi, and had a good time at the Community Pool.  Wreck It Ralph was SO SO Cute!! If you haven't seen it, it is worth the movie price
 : )
     Finally, I want to say a big GO TIGERS!  Our High School Football Team is in the third round of the playoffs.  Although, I don't have football players I have Band-O's and they are excited about performing their half-time show "one more time".
     Happy Thanksgiving All!

Friday, November 9, 2012

"Project MCP-Low Light"

This week is low light, so my cute Thanksgiving scarecrow was the subject.  I sat my camera on a very very slow shutter with the timer on and on top of a tripod.

"Edit Me Challenge-The Artsy Girl Connection"

This week the challenge is from Marilyn at The Artsy Girl Connection.  The original picture is beautiful of the canoes just seemed like they belonged on a cool vintage t-shirt.  So I adjusted the layers to give the image a more vintage feel.  I then found a vintage t-shirt image on line.  The first layer was the t-shirt the second layer is the image.  I added the second layer as on overlay.  I didn't like how harsh the edges of the image looked so I chose the eraser with a large splatter pattern to soften the edges a bit.  Of course no vintage "T" is complete without a cool logo or saying.  I chose to add the text "Paddle Shasta Lake"
Edit Me

Friday, November 2, 2012

"Little Adventures Flip Flop Edit Challenge - November #1"

This is my first time linking up with Little Adventures Flip Flop Edit Challenge.  I always love her edits with the "Edit Me Challenge" so I thought I'd link up.  I decided to just do a clean, simple edit on this cool bird at Disney World.  I cropped the picture then adjusted the levels.  Mostly I ran an unsharp mask to bring out the eye of the bird in the picture and showcase the pretty blue.  Just for fun, and because I'm such a Disney Geek I added a "hidden Mickey" to my edit.  can you find it?  If you are not familiar with hidden Mickey's they are the iconic Mickey shaped heads that are hidden all over the parks.  My family has a great time searching through the "Kingdom" and even on the cruise ship looking for them.  You can even get an awesome book to accompany you on your search.  Hope you love the edit the original is great.  Leave a comment if you find Mickey : )