Friday, November 30, 2012

"Project MCP - First Signs of Christmas"

Choir of Quackers : )
     At our house Christmas is a big big deal, we have a tradition for everything.  One of the many is to gather all of our Aflac ducks in a row (pun intended), add in our new duck for this year and then find clever places to display our flock throughout the house.  These are the first decorations that get put up.  Each one of the kids has a favorite duck.  In the picture we have 9 duckies, I think my favorite is the Christmas Tree.
     This weekend we will get out all of the ornaments that are special to us, spread them on the floor and decorate our tree while we listen to Christmas music, and drink wassail or egg nog.  To go with our drinks we always lay out an assortment of decorated cookies, themed peeps, and chocolates.  We all LOVE this tradition.

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