Monday, August 27, 2012

Girly Bento Challenge

Today's Bento was a group effort.  My husband did the cute whale and the "kelp" noodles for the sea animals to swim in.  I did the squid hotdogs, the kiwi and pistachio turtle which is sitting on top of graham cracker pieces , fruit with seal pick and spaghetti sauce for the noodles.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Edit Me Challenge #7"

 I took this picture a couple of years ago with our old point-n-shoot while we were in Washington DC.  My son stood looking at the Vietnam Memorial for quite sometime and I was struck by his reflection in the glossy memorial.  He said that was one of his favorite memorials at the Mall that day.  I started this edit by doing a crop to remove my dad's shirt in the lower right hand corner and to bring more attention to the reflection on the memorial.  I then sharpened and did a levels adjustment to fix the colors on the image.  Next I created a contrast layer to darken the reflection so it would be more prominent.  Once I got the reflection the color I wanted I painted the layer black and then went over the area I wanter darker with white.  After all that I was pretty happy with the picture except for the fact the the hat looked kinda day-glo.  I decided to fix that by selecting and cutting via a new layer the hat and then setting it on top of the hat in the edited copy.  We had a wonderful time on our first trip to Washington DC.  My parents were able to come with us and we saw so much.


Saturday, August 25, 2012


Summer is for BBQing.  I caught this picture right as my husband started up the webber and the coals sprung to life.  I like the way the flames are dancing.  We made yummy Pork Aloha burgers with grilled pineapple.  I will miss summer, but Im ready for the crisp fall air and football.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"P52 - Ice "

Ice Ice Baby
The theme for this week is Ice.  We don't see a lot of ice outside in my neck of the woods but during the summer we go through tons of ice. This is my interpretation of the ice theme.  I took a large candle holder filled it full then sat the whole thing on my glass top table.  Below the glass I placed a flashlight shining up so everything would be lit up.  This theme made me realize how much Im looking forward to a little bit of cooler weather.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Edit Me Challenge #6"


Here are my two favorite band-o's posing for me to take their picture together.  They both love, love, love marching band.  Both play the Mellophone which is like a marching French Horn.   As for editing I first did my standard sharpen and levels adjustment.  I then cropped the picture in so there wasn't as much room on the top.  Next I cloned in some grass on the bare spots at the top of the hill we were sitting on.  I then ran the action perfect portrait 3, and decided which options I liked/disliked from the list.  I hope we have a great marching season this year.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beary-Good Bagel Pizza - Bento #7

 Beary-Good Bagel Pizza is made with a bagel thin, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, ham, black olives for eyes and a macaroni and cheese mouth.  His eyes are diced pieces of ham  His ears are broccoli.  In the second layer is macaroni and cheese, tropical fruit, broccoli and a boiled egg with a zig-zag cut.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"P52-Summer Favorites"

My absolute summer favorite a Corona and my flip flops.  Enough said!

Bento #6

This picture angle came out different, but it still shows my bento off : )  In the bottom layer of my bento I laid down a bed a spring greens and then added my onigiri with pesto chicken inside.  Around my onigiri I have some pesto chicken, a puppy pick, a large cherry tomato with a cute shrimp pick, chickpeas, broccoli trees, a marinaded mushroom, and a container of salad dressing.  In the top layer I have apples shaped like bunnies, rice pudding, and a blue hard boiled egg with heart shapes cut into it, and a pink bear pick.

Vacation Bento - Bento #5

The theme for the Bento of the Week Challenge is Vacation.  What says vacation better than flip flops?  We always know it's summer time when we can wear whatever shoes we would like.  So for Itty Bitty's vacation bento I made PB&J flip flops with cheese straps and bologna hearts, a beach ball make from a baby bell cheese wheel and green grapes.  In the bee cup is jello and yummy watermelon.  Under the bento box is our beach towel.  I wish we were ready for the beach but instead we have school tomorrow.

All Things For Sale Give-Away

All Things For Sale Back-to-School Give Away!  Check it out.  I hope I win!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Summer Show-Off #5"


This picture was taken around 2005 with our old point and shoot and camera  : )  I was searching through our photos and thought this was a perfect one for the Summer Show-Off challenge.  In editing I first flipped the picture cropped and then straightened the lighthouse.  I then applied an unsharp mask, and did a levels adjustment.  I added the action "mini-fusion" from mcp actions, then adjusted some of the levels.  Next I added a parchment colored textured paper and set it to multiply and adjusted the fill.  After that I burned the sky some to darken the sky and add more mood.  Lastly I created a stamp and added it to the "postcard"

Monday, August 6, 2012

"Bento #2 and #3"

Itty Bitty's First Day of School Bento
Motorcycle Man's Fruit Bento
Tonight we are back to our school night routines.  Yes, it is true school starts tomorrow.  So tonight I made triple Bentos, one for Itty Bitty, one for Motorcycle Man, and one for me. Itty Bitty will be entering 3rd grade this year and will have a heart shaped ham and cheese sandwich, grapes, cherry tomatoes, edamame, strawberry, and wasabi almonds.  In the bee cup she has orange jello and tropical fruit.  She is the only student at her school who takes bento.  Motorcycle Man likes to have a fruit bento or a snack bento.  Everything is self explanatory except the ranch in the little cup and the rice pudding in the blue cup.  I hope we kick off the year with a great day and many more to follow.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Summer Show-off Challenge #4"

This picture is of the railing at the Capital Building in Columbia South Carolina.  I started the edit by adding an unsharp mask.  I then added a levels adjustment layer and adjusted each layer.  I ended the edit by burning the color in the background to make it pop against the iron railing.  I really enjoyed taking this picture of the railing.  I sat down on the cool marble flooring of the capital porch and took shots from different angels with different settings.  I really enjoyed my trip and seeing all the statues around the beautiful building.