Monday, August 6, 2012

"Bento #2 and #3"

Itty Bitty's First Day of School Bento
Motorcycle Man's Fruit Bento
Tonight we are back to our school night routines.  Yes, it is true school starts tomorrow.  So tonight I made triple Bentos, one for Itty Bitty, one for Motorcycle Man, and one for me. Itty Bitty will be entering 3rd grade this year and will have a heart shaped ham and cheese sandwich, grapes, cherry tomatoes, edamame, strawberry, and wasabi almonds.  In the bee cup she has orange jello and tropical fruit.  She is the only student at her school who takes bento.  Motorcycle Man likes to have a fruit bento or a snack bento.  Everything is self explanatory except the ranch in the little cup and the rice pudding in the blue cup.  I hope we kick off the year with a great day and many more to follow.

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