Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Edit Me Challenge #7"

 I took this picture a couple of years ago with our old point-n-shoot while we were in Washington DC.  My son stood looking at the Vietnam Memorial for quite sometime and I was struck by his reflection in the glossy memorial.  He said that was one of his favorite memorials at the Mall that day.  I started this edit by doing a crop to remove my dad's shirt in the lower right hand corner and to bring more attention to the reflection on the memorial.  I then sharpened and did a levels adjustment to fix the colors on the image.  Next I created a contrast layer to darken the reflection so it would be more prominent.  Once I got the reflection the color I wanted I painted the layer black and then went over the area I wanter darker with white.  After all that I was pretty happy with the picture except for the fact the the hat looked kinda day-glo.  I decided to fix that by selecting and cutting via a new layer the hat and then setting it on top of the hat in the edited copy.  We had a wonderful time on our first trip to Washington DC.  My parents were able to come with us and we saw so much.


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