Friday, April 27, 2012

"P52- Green"

Green... so many things to photo.  I could have taken pictures of money, but you have to have some of that to take a picture of it ; )  My second thought was to take a picture of Green Lantern or the Hulk but we didn't have any action figures at hand.  (Yes, we are sci-fi geeks and are waiting eagerly for the Avengers to come out!!)  Although my husband offered to go and purchase them for my picture this week I declined because of my lack of photo idea number 1.  As I walked by the front door I saw our plant sitting there and the afternoon light shining through the window and decided that I loved the light and the green plant would be perfect too.  So viola! my picture for this week.  Sometimes the most ordinary things can catch you eye and cause you to smile.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Bento of the Week - Earth Day"

My Second Bento of the Week challenge... - Earth Day.  In the first tier of my bento Hello Kitty is giving the Earth a big 'ole hug.  Around kitty and the happy Earth are tomatoes, black olives, celery, mushrooms, pickled ginger flowers, and stars cut out of orange bell peppers, all of this is on top of spring mix lettuce.  In the second tier of my bento are wasabi almonds, mango, hard boiled eggs with stars, edamame, and a froggie container with salad dressing.  I hope my bento has made you smile!  Happy Earth Day.

Friday, April 20, 2012

P52- "Things That Grow"

So many things grow... mostly at my house the things that grow are the piles of laundry that we need to fold, the amount of time I spend in the car picking up kids at various functions and of course bills.  This is probably the same for everyone!  I, however can't believe the speed at which my kiddos have grown up.  Just yesterday the man cub was sitting in my lap and driving Thomas the Tank Engine.  Now he is ready to drive my car.  KK will soon be in high school, and Itty Bitty is almost as tall as me.  One thing for sure is that my love for my awesome family will continue to grow.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

P52- "Sacrifice"

Sacrifice.  What better exemplifies sacrifice then Jesus, and of course Easter.  This Crucifix is special to me because it belonged to my Grandmother who passed away in the late 80's.  It was recently given to me after my Grandfather's funeral earlier this year.  The crucifix is very pretty it is made of wood and inlaid with a gold colored metal.  Jesus is made with the same metal and is very detailed.  I wanted to highlight the nail in his hand so I made that my focus. Which picture do you like better?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bento of the Week- Easter

This is my first bento submission :  )  In my top bento layer I have tiny marinaded button mushrooms surrounding my Easter Bunny onigiri which is filled with sautéed chicken and bell peppers, ranch and wasabi. The bunny is holding her Easter basket and is ready to hunt eggs.  Next to her are two cherry tomatoes on a flower pick, and two Mickey Mouse shaped cheeses, on top of a bed of spring greens.  Finally I have added a few pieces of broccoli salad and corn salad.  On the second layer I have two Easter chick hard boiled eggs also on lettuce followed by salad dressing in the joyful rabbit, diced papaya and a very cute Mickey Mouse holding salt and pepper for my chickie eggs.  I have enjoyed making this Bento, for me and 3 identical Bentos for my kiddos.  Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

P52- "Foolin Around"

I thought of so many things that could go with the theme this week.  The theme could be fooling around with your camera settings or trying new things or just my favorite fooling around and being silly or having a good time.  I chose to go with option 2, having a good time.  In the spirit of having a good time I took several pictures today on our trip to the beach.  We had a blast flying a regular kite and a stunt kite.  When KK was flying the stunt kite she kept dive bombing my sweet husband.  After flying the kites we all went for a walk down the beach.  Whew the water was cold, but the girls were not deterred and played in the water anyway.  Happy Spring Break Everyone!