Friday, April 27, 2012

"P52- Green"

Green... so many things to photo.  I could have taken pictures of money, but you have to have some of that to take a picture of it ; )  My second thought was to take a picture of Green Lantern or the Hulk but we didn't have any action figures at hand.  (Yes, we are sci-fi geeks and are waiting eagerly for the Avengers to come out!!)  Although my husband offered to go and purchase them for my picture this week I declined because of my lack of photo idea number 1.  As I walked by the front door I saw our plant sitting there and the afternoon light shining through the window and decided that I loved the light and the green plant would be perfect too.  So viola! my picture for this week.  Sometimes the most ordinary things can catch you eye and cause you to smile.


  1. I thought about money, too. I don't have any either. The light on the plant though is priceless.

  2. Lovely shot! I love when the ordinary things come out to look extraordinary. I'm glad you were able to capture something green at the end! :)