Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bento of the Week- Easter

This is my first bento submission :  )  In my top bento layer I have tiny marinaded button mushrooms surrounding my Easter Bunny onigiri which is filled with sautéed chicken and bell peppers, ranch and wasabi. The bunny is holding her Easter basket and is ready to hunt eggs.  Next to her are two cherry tomatoes on a flower pick, and two Mickey Mouse shaped cheeses, on top of a bed of spring greens.  Finally I have added a few pieces of broccoli salad and corn salad.  On the second layer I have two Easter chick hard boiled eggs also on lettuce followed by salad dressing in the joyful rabbit, diced papaya and a very cute Mickey Mouse holding salt and pepper for my chickie eggs.  I have enjoyed making this Bento, for me and 3 identical Bentos for my kiddos.  Happy Easter!!

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