Friday, November 2, 2012

"Little Adventures Flip Flop Edit Challenge - November #1"

This is my first time linking up with Little Adventures Flip Flop Edit Challenge.  I always love her edits with the "Edit Me Challenge" so I thought I'd link up.  I decided to just do a clean, simple edit on this cool bird at Disney World.  I cropped the picture then adjusted the levels.  Mostly I ran an unsharp mask to bring out the eye of the bird in the picture and showcase the pretty blue.  Just for fun, and because I'm such a Disney Geek I added a "hidden Mickey" to my edit.  can you find it?  If you are not familiar with hidden Mickey's they are the iconic Mickey shaped heads that are hidden all over the parks.  My family has a great time searching through the "Kingdom" and even on the cruise ship looking for them.  You can even get an awesome book to accompany you on your search.  Hope you love the edit the original is great.  Leave a comment if you find Mickey : )


1 comment:

    The Hidden mickey --- I FOUND IT! :)
    I love disney! thank you for linking up
    i love the crop and the sharp/clean edit!