Sunday, June 24, 2012


My wonderful husband, My Motorcycle Man.  Here he is taking our youngest daughter Itty Bitty for her first motorcycle ride.  I was worried she would be scared but instead she fell in love.  She has always been a daddy's girl but now she's  his riding partner too.  Daddy hits the gas and Itty Bitty squeals with delight when other bikers pass she waves.  Daddy is her hero, he takes her on motorcycle rides, kisses boo-boo's, and even lets her do his hair with the "curling iron".  They wrestle, watch Star Trek, and discuss planets and black holes.  Happy Fathers Day to an awesome Dad.

I couldn't just leave this post to one great father!  Here is a picture of my dad on his motorcycle with my mom on the back.  I took this picture with my cell phone and then instagrammed it.  It's hard to tell but I'm on the back of our motorcycle and we are going down the highway at 60 miles an hour.  On Father's Day we went out for breakfast and then rode to one of the state parks near us.  I'm grateful that we all can get together and hangout.  My parents are the best they are always there to help out.  They were always there when its important and made sacrifices so me and my sister had everything we needed.  They watched us march in the band, play concerts, and fix cars.  Love ya Dad and Mom your awesome.


  1. How exciting for your daughter. I bet she felt so grown up. :)

  2. It thrills me to know that another bond has been strengthened by a motorcycle. :) From that first ride, it had been like the symbol of their relationship. I think it’s cool that her first motorcycle experience was not in a small vehicle. I find it a good thing because it will intensify her appreciation for those big bikes, and see that there’s nothing scary about them and the men who usually ride them.

    Clare ^.^

  3. What an inspiring father and daughter bond! I, too, was a daddy’s girl. I enjoyed bonding with my dad on his motorbike when I was a kid, and now that I’ve grown up, I’ve grown as fond of motorcycles as he is. We usually ride together and spend hours on the road. It’s an amazing feeling being with your dad.

    *Hannah Parkin

  4. The scene looks familiar! My father and sister used to race every weekend. My sister was about 16 when she got her first motorcycle. I was young then, so I only watched them from afar. Then one time, my sister got into an accident involving a truck. But that event didn’t stop me from having my own motorcycle. Every racing competition I've been in and am going to be in, I dedicate it all to my sister. She’s my inspiration.

    -Erik Lucien

  5. “She has always been a daddy's girl but now she’s his riding partner too.”--- Aww! Isn’t that cute? :3 The first photo really made me smile as I remember those times when my daughter rode with me in my Harley. :’) Now, she doesn’t want to since she’s a grown up woman. But! She’s a rider! I’m the one who actually rides on the back now. Hahaha!

    Max Piedra