Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Edit Me Challenge- Week 23"


I decided to go completely off the reservation today for my edit.  The pretty flower just looked like it needed to go in my hair : )  I took this picture of my self, imported it into CS5 and made some minor adjustments to the photo but nothing earth shattering.  I wanted to play up the yellow/green in the center of the flower.  I used the eyedropper to do a color match and then painted a bit on the center of the blossom.  Next I grabbed the flower in the original picture and refined the edges/feathered the edges and then cut it into a new document.  I resized the flower to fit into my pretty new hair. (I got a new haircut and color today! )  To finish it off I put a slight vignette on the photo.  I hope you guys enjoy my latest edit!



  1. Lol...very clever :-)
    I like it

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    1. Thanks! Wasn't sure if it was a good idea or crazy.

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    1. Im so glad you liked it! Thank You for visiting.

  4. Great edit!!! Love how you cropped it and put it in her hair!


    1. Thanks! I tried to make it look like it was really in my hair and not floating in space.

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    1. Thank you leaving a comment, and encouragement!