Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sweet Shot Tuesday-Strawberry

"Sweet Shot Tuesday- Strawberry"

     I am so excited to share this cool strawberry shot with everyone!  I have been practicing with my Macro Lens for a bit now and finally got a good shot!  I used my Nikkor Macro 105.  
     I took this shot by setting up a lowball glass on my kitchen table and then added club soda.  Next I put an extra lamp over the right hand side of the glass.  Then I found a pretty piece of scrapbook paper to prop up behind the glass to add a nice background.  Finally, I dropped in my strawberry and started to shoot away.
     In addition, this was my shot for the My4Hens PhotoChallenge.  The theme was Small and Little.  Of course the strawberry is small and the bubbles on the strawberry are very little.  I am so excited to say that I won this week!  My first win ever!


  1. using club soda is a creative addition to the photo - I've done this too and just love the bubbles! Good work.

  2. Beautiful interpretation of this delicious fruit. I love the way you edited it to give the impression of bubbles.
    I have just acquired a new macro lense - will be taking it out of the box today!

  3. Great shot! My mouth is watering just looking at it! :)

  4. Great shot. Congrats on winning the challenge!