Monday, May 21, 2012

"P52- Mothers"

Mother's Day is an awesome holiday!  There's nothing I love more then my family.  I would have taken pictures of my mother but she doesn't "do" cameras, but I love her all the same : )  My kids and husband got me some awesome mothers day gifts... a whole bird center with a new hummingbird feeder, a bird feeder, a birdbath, and a homemade squirrel feeder.  (the squirrel feeder is to keep them away from the bird feeder)  I absolutely love it.
     I usually don't get in the photos but decided that I would make sure to get some pics of me and the family.  I'm glad I did.  Happy Mother's Day!


  1. These are such great shots! I have to get in front of the camera more often especially with my little one!

    1. Thanks! It is always hard to get in front of the camera. Im great about telling my kids "you look fine! Let me get a quick picture" but I never take my own advice.

  2. Beautiful pictures! You look fabulous.