Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Edit Me Challenge"- Week 21

This is my first link up with the "Edit Me Challenge" group, only because I happened to stumble on it a couple of days ago.  Since summer is upon us and I have extra time on my hands I'm excited to take this chance to explore photoshop more.  The first picture is the after and the second picture is the before.  I used photoshop to edit this image.  First, I decided that I wanted the little girl's tongue sticking out to be the focus of the picture so I cropped the picture and put her tongue on a cross joint on my thirds grid.  Second, I ran the "colorized" action from PWAction set 2.  From there I adjusted the levels on the associated layers.  Third, I added a brightness/contrast layer, adjusted the tree so it was a different shade. Lassoed the tree and painted it white.  Last, I adjusted the color on the sprinkler in a separate layer so it would not get lost in the grass.  I feel that the subject and the action are now center stage.  I would love to hear any advice/comments that anyone would offer.


  1. You definitely brought the focus back to the girl with your crop and selective coloring--lovely job!

  2. Nice crop, she is definitely the focal point! Great edit!

  3. I love that you thought through the rule of thirds when cropping! Great job pulling the focus to her :)