Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Super Saturday

We had a super Saturday today, the weather was wonderful at 85 degrees.  I decided to take the kiddos to a small square in the middle of our town before attending the Reverse Beauty Pageant that Mr. Mann was in.  Around the square are tons of tulips which served as the backdrop of the pics this afternoon.  KK poses here in front of the beautiful flowers.  

As KK and I were taking pictures Itty Bitty was running around playing.  Since it is St. Patrick's Day she decided to hunt four leaf clovers.  After a couple of minutes of hunting she was successful.  The next picture is of Mr. Mann with a friend of his in front of the beautiful tulips.  They were having a great time joking around together.

Mr. Mann has on his fake eyelashes for the reverse beauty patent, and his make-up.   The Dress came next.  The middle pictures is of Mr. Mann on stage at eh contest.  Finally he and Papa make faces at the end of it all.  What a fun Saturday, too bad he didn't win!


  1. He was pretty. to bad he did not win. Had a good time going I know he had fun too.

  2. Dude looks like a lady... One ugly lady ~ lol