Monday, April 8, 2013

"The End of March the Beginning of April"

These last few weeks have been very busy.  We just had spring break and are now on the down-hill slide to summer vacation!  Only a month or so left now!  I have been continuing my photo challenges this month but they are both hosted on flickr so sometimes I forget to post here but I will be better due to the fact that the "Edit Me Challenges" are beginning again : )  
For the theme Pride and Joy I couldn't decide between the color or the B&W version of this pic of the kiddos.  KK liked the B&W because she said her shirt was too distracting.
The next two pictures were taken on the same day.  We were at the park playing and this stream was too pretty to pass up.  So instead I used it for the theme narrow and then put Itty Bitty in front of it for warmth.  Her smile and the warm glow from the sunlight were perfect for the theme.

Theme: Pride and Joy
B and W Version

Theme: Narrow
Theme: Warmth

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  1. Lovely photos. The kids have gorgeous smiles. I think KK is right about the shirt.